Rich City Designs recently installed shelving and storage space for my home.  I was very impressed with them from start to finish.  They designed exactly what I had described and the pricing was extremely reasonable.  The installation process was very professional and everything was cleaned up upon completion.  I have been recommending them to all of my friends and will definitely use them again for future storage needs.
Debbie E.


Make Your Life Managed with Custom Closets Organizers

Custom design storage solutions have become more than a trend. It actually becomes a great way to manage and organize the modern life. More and more people nowadays are making their lives simple and managed from the days of clutter.

Whether it is closets, offices or garages, modern custom closet organizers has been offering appropriate solutions for all kinds of spaces. If you are among those who are still confused for why we need closets, you should know this. Studies and surveys have proved that people tend to become more energetic and productive when it starts off right when they wake up. Entering into the wardrobe to find what they need quickly is considered a great way to go the same way into their office and at their other daily events.

Howe it works? The custom closet solution providers design a work plan by taking into account the size, design, color, lighting, cost and other aspects to deliver the right product. The closets by design may be found different but experts use the hardware of high quality for every element of closets including the closets’ rods, drawer pulls, drawer slides etc.

With a professional custom closet organizer chosen for any of your closet requirements, you can stay relaxed as the modern providers carry out designing and complete installation process in the best possible ways.

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Custom Closet Organizers for Proper Wardrobe Storage

The concept of closet organizers is not new to us. We generally prefer to store our clothes, accessories such as footwear, hand and head gear etc, in a proper manner. Moving on from clumsy looking arrangements in wardrobes to the miniscule available space in cupboards, one can use closet organizers to change the way the store and organize their belongings.

The latest to add to the closet bandwagon are closet organizers. They are easy to use, open, spacious and well-organized storage spaces that come in different styles. One can choose from the different closets by design or with respect to the size or shape. They offer well-organized and designated spaces for your clothes to be hanged or storing your accessories in shelves, drawers, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned styles, one can also add more closets, cupboards along with drawers and hanger section for your different possession. One can easily designate spaces for clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and wallets, paperwork, bed sheets, towels, handkerchiefs and small towels, bags etc to separate closets, shelves and different cupboard sections.

Now, one can give a completely new chic look to their wardrobe by using the different closets by design and size. One can use the open look of closet organizers and put important garments, bed covers and sheet and other material on display. This is important for easy finding of clothes and other products.

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Custom Closet Solutions for an Organized Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the sacred spaces in our house. We prepare our daily meal, spend some family time and also make arrangements for a new day all in our kitchen. A well-organized and functional is the first and foremost thing that one needs for a smooth and hassle-free day-to-day life. Custom closets play an important role in creating modular kitchen benefits for you.

Even if you are a homemaker, your job is never too easy managing meals round-the-clock and looking after every other household task. One needs a good functional kitchen that has most of the objects and items placed neatly at different counters, shelves and the wire shelving in the closets. There are a variety of ways one can install closets in their kitchen. They could be placed in a horizontal or vertical fashion or they can be in a straight line or in multiple-shelves such as rectangular or square-shaped custom closets.

From grocery to the most used kitchen appliances can be neatly piled up in the closets. One can also keep their daily doses of oatmeal, breakfast items and ready-to-make snacks at the most convenient places. There are other modular kitchen benefits that focus on providing your utensils, cutlery and other items well within your reach. Therefore, one can have a more organized and well-planned kitchen setting for better management of their daily tasks.

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Closet Organizers for the Near-to-Perfect Pantry

Closets are an important asset when it comes to organizing and allocating objects into specific spheres in a place. More so, most office pantry and household kitchens depend on proper to nearly perfect closets that cater to the need for good storage and proper space solution. One can select highly durable, well-designed and custom closet solutions that work best for them.

Commercial or residential, custom closets work best for a pantry set up. The use of quality closet designers is important in this regard. Not every pantry has wide spaces that can be used to store perishable and non-perishable items. Therefore, it becomes important that a competent closet designers offers pre-production designs as blue prints that need to be finalized as per the customization and changes requested by the clients.

Similarly, one also needs quality production team that implements design to perfection. Most pantries look for the addition of wire shelving, different shapes and patterns in drawers and shelves. Therefore, production stage needs stepwise inputs from the client. Lastly, the post-production stage that requires proper finishing and final touches is also important. One can also use closet management or organization systems that help in organizing different sections and spaces in a closet.

There are different space-saving solutions used at a pantry for space crunch areas. There are wood shelving systems, wire shelving systems, wire closets, cube storage, hangers, racks etc.

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Wire Shelving in Vancouver for Modular Kitchens

The concept of modular kitchen is one of the great ways to enhance the appearance of kitchen space in modern houses. Nowadays, the elegant modular kitchens with the inclusion of storage facilities and accessories like wire shelving in Vancouver help save space in the cooking area efficiently.

How wire shelving in Vancouver adds more to the overall sophistication of modular kitchens? The accessory is of high importance as it supports the storage of kitchen cutlery sets, food items, storing cooking ingredients and also to dry small and large sized utensils.

According to modern closets organizers, the demands for wire shelving in Vancouver for pantry, kitchen, laundry, garage and restrooms are increasing day by day. Among an array of advantages, the best fact about the accessory is that it is durable and waterproof as it is made from chrome metal.

Another quality aspect is that the shelves made from this chrome metal seems exactly as the shelves designed from stainless steel, plastic or wood. It can also be custom-designed Closets Organizers as caster sets to move it from one place to another easily.

The need of wire shelving is to keep the areas like kitchen, pantry and laundry organized. Thus, one should always consider the selection of right shelving in terms of overall size for the right situations.

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Metal Wire Shelving for an Organized Pantry

A pantry with proper shelving and storage spaces is more organized and functional. One can conduct their regular everyday routine work in the pantry with proper labeling and shelving of the storage and display areas. Chrome wire shelving is among the most popular in this regard for Vancouver homes and offices.

A pantry needs well-ventilated shelves as a lot of vegetables, fruits and other perishable products are kept on the wire shelving. They provide easy breathing space to the commodities and objects kept on it. They also offer a studier storage area in a pantry. The shelving is made of a strong metal compound. Therefore, it would resist easy wear and tear and will stand the test of time.

Another important factor about the wire shelving is that they can be moved easily around the pantry area. One does not have to worry about storage issues with these shelving solutions. They can be easy moved from one place to another in the pantry. Therefore, these wire shelving solutions are movable, flexible and versatile in their usage.

Lastly; the chrome wire shelving are easy to clean. One does not have to spend a lot of time and effort in cleaning each closet, drawer and storage area. One can easily dry wipe the metal wires. They are also covered with chrome finishing that keeps the corrosion-free and maintenance-proof for a long period of time.

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Managing Kitchen Storage with Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving has been used in hospitals, FMCG markets for many years now. They are durable and corrosion-resistant; hence, one can use them for a long time without much investment in their maintenance.  They are generally chrome-plated and are low maintenance replacement or alternative to wooden closets or shelves.

Chrome metal shelving is slowly making way into our living spaces. One can see its extensive use in the modular kitchen concept of today. The most important factor contributing to the popularity of the metal shelves is its durability. With the use of metals, it is lot more durable and withstands the pressure of heavy objects as well. They are however, lightweight to slightly heavier shelving products. One can easily place them at a corner or along the wall of the kitchen. One can also fix them to the walls of the kitchen.

They are corrosion-resistant; hence, one does not have to fret about their maintenance cost. They are also versatile in their storage facility as one can use them also for keeping wet utensils to let them dry out. Similarly, they are also used to place different objects differing in size and shape. Hence, most objects fit easily in the spacious wire shelving. They are an important alternative to other forms of closets used in Vancouver. They do not occupy a lot of space; they offer quick installation, quick cleaning and are a neat storage solution.

Last but not the least; they are much more affordable than their closet counterparts. One does not have to pay for the special designing and installation of closets in their kitchens. They can easily place these wire shelving solutions in their kitchens, garage, pantry, laundry, restrooms and other living spaces in homes, offices and other places.


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Custom Closet for Managing Space Crunch in Apartments

The concept of modern apartments is new and slowly catching pace. The use of custom closets is crucial in managing the space crunch faced by most people living in apartments. The use of closets that are built to suit the need and preference of a household yet manage to provide good storage are ideal for small apartments and houses.

The use of custom closets is best understood in kitchens, bathrooms, and near the dining spaces. We need proper cabinets, drawers, hooks and other storage sections such as shelves that offer ample space to accommodate as many items as possible but in an organized manner. These closets offer the right storage solutions and are built to manage the space properly.

Most closet organizers offer proper designing sessions with the customer putting down his suggestions and requirements. The closet designer then creates 3-D models and designs of an ideal closet that can be built to serve the purpose. The designs are approved and the production is begun. The closets are then installed and proper finishing is done to them.

The final product is upgraded to match the interior décor of the room and accessories such as handles; knobs etc are added to make the doors look attractive. A professional custom closet solution provider has the right expertise and industry experience to offer a design that best fits the unique requirement of a customer. From appearance to space crunch to the overall décor of the house are kept in mind.

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Custom Closets for Modern Cabinet Kitchen

Kitchen is the most pious and important place in an individual household. From preparation of food, cooking, serving, washing utensils etc, most of the work is performed in the kitchen. In most parts of North America, kitchen continues to be the central place of storing food items, canned or tinned food, packaged food, and food stored in containers and tumblers.

The modern concept of kitchen, also termed as “modular kitchen” has become popular for its modern style and utility. The different sections, columns, racks, and the custom closets complete the real purpose of a kitchen. Now, one does not have to spend hours finding the right cooking pan or utensil for cooking or be bothered about what to use for beating, peeling, cutting, mincing and mixing of different food items.

Custom closets have been revolutionary in simplifying and improving the way we store our kitchen utensils, appliances and food products and also in the way we decorate our kitchen. If your kitchen does not suit your interior or the color of your stove, kitchen or chimney, then you cannot relax as this is just a kitchen. It is the main attraction for most children and females who visit your house. Keeping it clean is not just enough.

One can feel the joy of working in a kitchen that has just the right closets with the right color, texture and space. Custom closet solutions are easily available in the market. Closet specialists and designers offer a vast range of closet designs and styles to choose from for the perfect closet with the necessary accessories such as rods, partitions, shelves, racks etc.


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